Quilting on my mind …. always …

My mind runs at a million miles an hour …. It’s always about quilting (and travel, but I can’t do that all the time)… designing quilts, making quilts, quilting quilts and teaching people about quilts.

In my studio right now I’m working on a clients interesting custom quilt that I’ve been given free reign on… there may be octopi involved … lol

On my design wall is my Sydney show quilt that I’m working feverishly to get finished… I thought this might be the year that actually get it finished with plenty of time to spare… but unfortunately I lost a month because of a car accident… we’re all ok but the car didn’t fair so well….

And in a total squirrel moment today, cause I don’t have enough on my plate, I pulled fabric for my next quilt. In my defense it is for an upcoming magazine project so it’s completely legit….

Until next time

Happy Quilting

Leanne x

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