Quilting, for me, is all about texture. I love adding designs/texture that will enhance the quilt and bring it to life…

Bubble wrap pantograph

Different styles of quilting create different textures.

Edge to edge quilting creates an overall texture that blends or enhances the quilt top as a whole. It’s a lot faster to do this type of quilting and it suits all kinds of quilts… I will even edge to edge over some applique, especially on kids quilts…

Mike’s Swish pantograph

Custom Quilting adds texture in specific areas of a quilt with different designs and fills… There is usually lots of stitch in the ditch, ruler work, applique outlining and freehand quilting… Some quilts require a lot of design planning and others I can just wing it….

I used the flower stem for the feather spine
Using the same filler design through the whole quilt gives it a cohesive look
The back always looks amazing on a custom quilt..!!

Happy Quilting

Leanne x

2 thoughts on “Texture…”

  1. Leanne the Custom Quilt last two photos are stunning,
    I paid out a huge amount on a Katrina Desgin Quilt I made and the person did the opposite to my request,and quilted the life out of it,now trying to unpick it to bring it back to life,
    I have another of Katrina’s Quilts and you are now on my contact list when I’ve recovered from this one


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