Hi …. !!!

I’ve just updated my website !!!

I know, it’s about time right..!!! I’ve made it all pretty and easy to navigate. I have a link to my shop where you can buy my patterns and templates. I still have more to upload but I’m getting there…

There’s been loads happening behind the scenes this year. I have an assistant working for me one day a week. Rachael is great at getting all the things done that I just never get time to do… Rach is a sweetheart and great friend..!!!

Rach and I at a strategy meeting earlier this year….

On the Pattern front, I have been updating all my patterns and prepping new designs for release this year. I now have a range of acrylic templates to accompany some of my patterns… with others designs that use these templates currently in the testing process. I also have lots of other patterns that are a quick download and require no templates.

In the Quilting Studio things are rocketing along after a slow start to the year due to machine breakdown and some health issues. Both are recovered and, fingers crossed, we’ve put the bad juju behind us….

Zoom Zoom…!!!

If you would like your quilt professionally quilted by Leanne head on over to the Contact Page to send a message…

Thanks for hanging in there with me

I’ll be back with more news soon…

Happy Quilting

Leanne x

2 thoughts on “Hi …. !!!”

  1. Hi Leanne,

    I spoke to you recently bout upgrading my Q20 to frame & Q Matic. I contacted Marino at River City Sewing and he was AMAZING!!! Thankyou so much for the referral. I’ll catch up with him when I’m next in Brisbane.
    Thanks again.
    Glad to hear you are feeling better.

    Happy Quilting.
    Kind Regards,

    Nerrida Russell
    (Emerald QLD)


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